Monday, May 30, 2011

OnlineMMA and Titan Fighting Championships

Here's my fight that happened this weekend in onlinemma

Watch live video from OnlineMMA on

The other 2 fights were no shows.

I also watched Titan Fighting championship this weekend and it was entertaining due to having a good deal of first round finishes. I did have a problem with the "John Ott vs.Jake Rosholt" DQ knee cause I believe it wasn't intentional and it should be a No contest or tie instead of a gimme win to John Ott, I mean who can ever say "I won a fight by getting kneed in the head", especially when John was loosing the entire fight little by little in every round. The main event was suppose to be this return to form Jens Pulver vs. workhorse Brian Davidson. Jens looked in better shape and he is trying to get back into a bigger promotion but now he's backed into fighting dangerous guys with less of a name. These are fights Pulver really can't afford to loose cause it knocks him down the ladder faster then he can climb it. Pulver even said he's usually the other guy's biggest fight and he's expected to win. The risk of loosing vs the reward of winning doesn't seem to be worth taking fights with lesser known fighters but it's Pulver's choice, maybe he's past his prime? maybe when he fought the competition wasn't as stacked? The answer doesn't really matter cause Pulver's still ready to fight and as for the man who beat him. I don't know if Brian Davidson is still going to pursue fighting but this defiantly helps his gym in terms of promotional material.

As for the big UFC card this weekend, I heard some buzz about the Struve KO and it seems the winners of the 2 fights I was interested in are the ones I expected to win, Rampage and Mir. I guess I'll catch them on UFC unleashed a couple of months from now.... still waiting for Zuffa to show more Pride FC and Strikeforce reruns on spike or VS or whatever.

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