Monday, May 16, 2011

Criticizing Action: Arena


Show notes: I got a cold this weekend so I'm not feeling very well which means filming/shooting a MMA review isn't possible right now. So I decided to do Criticizing Aciton instead since it's mainly all voice over. I try to keep the mouth breathing to a minimal but it's hard when you can't breath through your nose.

For the more observant viewer, you will notice advertisements now in the video and on this site. You can claim I've sold out but I need a new microphone that will probably cost me around $50 and had I started using ads when I first began I would have enough to buy that microphone now. So ads are now being introduced but I promise that any small amount of money made will be put back into the show whether it's for a microphone, new camera, lights, or whatever else the show needs.

Another change is now anyone can comment. I didn't know this wasn't enabled. Sunny set up the blog, I'm just now getting started organizing things in it so now people can subscribe by email and leave comments without registering.

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