Friday, June 3, 2011

TUF Finale This Weekend and Brutal OnlineMMA Action

I received one of the microphones I ordered and will be testing it out on my next video about the TUF finale. I'll try to watch the marathon that's going to be playing this weekend and see if I can spot the stand out fights or goofball behavior that happened on the show. From the majority of episodes I've seen it's been pretty dull but I heard the last couple of episodes had some good fights so I'll be sure to catch those.

OnlineMMA has some pretty big fight cards this weekend and considering the EA live broadcast this wed. was a little on the dull side due to no shows/disconnects and players basically playing with their opponents rather then finish them *cough*Mr NRG*cough*. I'm hoping it can all be made up with all the MMA action happening this weekend (real and fantasy). Check out the live fights on OMMATV or wait till after the weekend and I'll post the fights I was in but it's worth watching the full card especially if you are new to the game.

If anyone's curious about the EA MMA live broadcast that happened on WED, here's some links for the 360 version. I do think it's really cool that EA has now allowed the community to set up fights and be part of the live broadcast.

Stickforce 2.1

Stickforce 2.2

To be honest, stickforce 1 was a much more action packed event but some things are just out of the control of the promoters.

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