Friday, May 27, 2011

My Schedule for next week

Well first off, I have to say that I'm not buying the UFC PPV this Saturday so I can't review it. I don't have my audio equipment yet anyways and besides I'm not rolling in cash so it's not a good idea to drop $45 on something when I just spent a little more then that on the audio stuff. This was a tough decision cause there are 2 fights on the card that I'm interested in, mainly Rampage vs Hamill and Mir vs Nelson. I'll definitely be checking forums for how these fights went.

I will be doing the TUF finale next weekend with Guida vs Petis and that should be a great card just for the main event. It's free too so that kinda helps in the decision making.

Speaking of free fights, I'm going to be fighting in Onlinemma this weekend. I'll be in all 3 cards starting this Friday so check it out. The fights will be live on their website using OMMA TV, they start at 7pm EST (-5 GMT). It's something to check out if you couldn't afford the UFC PPV or just can't get enough MMA even if it is simulated. I'll post the results of my fights after the weekend but if you check them out live or the website you can see the whole card.

Ok guys I gotta go and get ready for Fight Force, and with any luck I'll be back on track after the TUF finale.

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