Friday, May 6, 2011

Reviews are still coming

I know I was suppose to be caught up with the GSP vs Shields fight last weekend and I will get that one out sometime in the next 2 weeks along with the Strikeforce review that I'm currently working on. The reason for the delays is not performance anxiety or any personal problems it's some kinda strange writer's block. I have an idea what to say but it's hard to organize it and I've been beating myself up for missing my own deadlines which isn't helping. I'm going to try to take it easy and get my mind off the videos this weekend so I can tackle them fresh on Monday.

I just feel a little overwhelmed since I took over all the responsibilities of the show cause in the past Sunny would help me with the editing and by help I mean do it for me. She helped me get started and I'm very lucky to have a girlfriend like her who has put up with me during this whole process but she has her own blog and roleplays to get to so it was time for me to handle this so as not to suck up her free time any longer. She's also eventually going to make her video debut during the summer and there's no way she could do her videos and mine as well without going insane.

I've also been stressing out on the production side of things such as lighting, audio quality, website design, ect. The lighting should be fixed by the next show since I've been reading Sunny's old film/video textbooks which gave me a better idea about the art. You guys are gonna have to bear with me when it comes to audio quality till I figure out which microphone to get that is in my price range. As for the site, I'll get to that after the show is more polished.

There's a lot of things I want to do but I'm just one guy so I have to prioritize my time and accomplish one thing at a time. I'll try to make up for being late with other shorter videos cause I really want to do another episode of "Criticizing Action" which are easier for me since I have around 20 movies off the top of my head that have terrible/nonsense action scenes in them. I also want to do the game reviews but I keep getting the wrong crap from Amazon to capture off my consoles so that's annoying (I have to keep sending it back cause they send me crap I didn't order instead). As for the movie reviews, well it seems like until I catch up with my MMA reviews those are going to have to wait and I want to wait till I get my audio quality up before I do them anyways.

Either way it's nice to know people are watching them and that people visit the site even if they don't leave comments =P

I'd like to end this post and say to those who have kept showing up every week to see if I updated or checked out my channel or my youtube channel, I appreciate it and thanks for watching. It makes it worth going through the challenges of figuring out how to make the videos better.

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