Saturday, May 14, 2011

OnlineMMA: Fight Force 19

This is the Fight Force 19: Armed and Dangerous card I attended for the OnlineMMA organization.

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I won't spoil the ending on who wins and who looses.

Now that I've had a fight in OnlineMMA I can safely say it's a pretty fun group of guys. People mainly roleplay managers and each gamertag can have up to 3 fighters signed to it. It's a good mixture of fantasy and real MMA since most of the top players are big fans of the sport. I also want to stress out that OnlineMMA isn't a clan/camp or anything like that, you don't go online with "tags" or challenge other clans/camps. It's a fantasy league designed to give the player a more structured Multiplayer experience then what comes out of the box. The skill level is varied so don't worry if you aren't very good or think you're too good, there's always someone for you to fight. There's also pre and post fight interviews and breakdown analysis articles on the forums.

Post Fight Article

The Bushido league is fighting tonight which is the more advanced league which I'll be watching. I'll try to work on something this weekend with a little more substance and I'm really questioning on whether I should do the previous 2 fights I wanted to review or wait until the next major Strikeforce/UFC event to happen. I'll make up my mind about this pretty soon.

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