Wednesday, June 6, 2012

EA MMA 2!!!

Yeah I know it's not exactly breaking news but I was so stoked to find out this was going to happen that I completely forgot to post it here.

Source: Middle Easy's take on EA MMA 2

 All I can say is thank the maker. Sitting around waiting for a THQ patch for UFC3 was taking forever and the realization that THQ made 3 MMA games and figured out a way to screw all of them up made the future of MMA games seem bleak. I thought we were back to the same routine that I saw many games in the late 90s and early 2000s go where the attitude with their games was "No patches, buy a half ass sequel instead".

 People can say what they want about EA MMA but I liked it. Considering EA didn't sell as many copies of EA MMA then THQ sold of UFC2010, it was amazing to see EA actually attempt to patch their game and support it for as long as they did (EA MMA was considered a flop in sales by many). I always thought if EA got one more chance they could come up with something close to perfect and now they finally have it. Now that EA has the UFC licenses, I'm hoping EA puts more money and effort into the sequel since they are guaranteed great sales. I mean look at THQ's UFC games, they have mediocre graphics and online functions out of an Xbox1 game yet those games sold well into the millions on both consoles, imagine what a good game will do with that license.

 I'm expecting big things here. EA MMA 2 should blow us away and borrow it's gameplay from everything that worked in UFC3, EA MMA1, and Fight Night:Champions. The online should be up to par with Super Street Fighter IV Arcade in terms of rankings, tournaments, replays, ect.. I want to see full effort made and EA flexing it's resources with animations and graphics. I want pride FC, strikerforce, UFC, Classic UFC rules. I want it all and I'm hoping EA delivers the best MMA game made to date.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Looks like the USA presidential election of 2012 just got "As real as it gets"

Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Things that need patched in UFC 3

UFC 3 is a fine single player game but it's multiplayer is tarnished with 3 big problems.

1. Server Instability - About 1/2 fights will be a disconnect and I know it's not me or my opponent doing it (being in party chat with them). Some fights have been laggy with up to a 1 second delay between button presses. There have also been times when I can't even connect to their content sharing system or leaderboards. The good news is that THQ says they are working on these issues and have been updating the community on an almost daily basis of what they are trying to do.

THQ trying

2. Even if the servers get fixed there are some overpowered moves that can be given to CAFs(Create-A-Fighters) and roster fighters possess. More details as to these moves and cheapness can be found here

Banned Moves in Leagues

3. Fix the glitch CAFs. It's been 3 games and yet there are still Glitched Super CAFs in this game. Here are a video and a post that show a super CAF at 256 and a how to make a glitch CAF at 106

106 Glitched CAF

There are some other problems but honestly these 3 problems are what is killing the online for this game unless you are in league.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

To Calm the wait for UFC Undisputed 3

If you're like me, then odds are the wait for UFC Undisputed 3 is driving you nuts. Here's some reviews to keep you busy from IGN and Gametrailers.



Keep in mind those reviews are mainly based on the single-player aspect of the game with out much focus on the Multi-player or exactly how the gameplay has changed, ai, matchmaking, ect. So I still don't know more then I did days ago, but at least I'm assured a solid single-player experience. There may also be a "release day patch" as well to update stats and bugfixes but that's just a rumor right now.

Here are forum topics to keep a look out for on the offical game forums that concern me about UFC3.

No simulation stamina in Ranked matches

No Punishment for Disconnecting

If you still want more UFC 3 footage, there's some users on youtube who have obtained the game early and have been kind enough to take the time and upload videos of the gameplay.


Career Play-through:

If by chance you're still bored after over 120 minutes of gameplay footage then um.... there's this show on the "History Channel" called "Full Metal Jousting".... I shit you not, the first episode is coming on tonight and the nerd in me is ready for a "Ultimate Fighter" rip off show with Jousting Knights.

Friday, February 10, 2012

No, I'm not Dead

Rather then come up with a big post explaining why I haven't updated in months or what's going on let's just say I didn't see any need or point in doing a MMA video show for the web once "Inside MMA" went live on Mondays and UFC got it's own post fight show. I kept watching MMA even though I lost interest in EA MMA (who can blame me with Battlefield 3, SWTOR, GOW3, and Skyrim).Now there's a new game on the horizon and I figure my best strength is Videogames, so I might as well do a review of UFC3 like I always wanted to.

First off it looks like THQ did get "the screaming lady" for pride in UFC3 so I don't have to boycott it like I originally planned. I've also been playing the demo on Ultimate AI/sim energy settings and I'm liking it. I have little to no doubt that the single player will be nice but the big question still remains as to how good the multiplayer will be (if it's laggy, ranking sucks, ect...). I have to wait till I get my hands on the full game to judge. I'm planing on splitting my review into 2 parts, 1 for singleplayer and the other for multiplayer but those won't be out for at least 2 weeks after the game comes out (giving me enough to time to play it rather then a half ass review).

The league I'm in is incorporating UFC3 into itself and we'll still working out how it's going to be done but check out OMMA's site for more details. I'll be signing up for more events as well (on both EA MMA and UFC3) so if you hate me and wanted to kick my ass in the game, now's the chance.

I'll try to write some articles here and there (MMA/action movie/videogame related stuff) while also doing videos of whatever comes to mind really. I'll try to look for stuff that combines all 3 of my interest like this silly commercial for Tera and if you want more straight forward MMA news then I recommend MiddleEasy since that's the site I frequent.

Side Note: looks like MiddleEasy does check their mailbox cause they ran a story on the Tera commercial and gave me cred, thanks Zeus.
Link to middleeasy article

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wow! Lots of Drama Going On in MMA

I didn't catch the fight last weekend mainly cause I'm poor and have no interest in watching Rashad beat Tito. Kinda glad too cause I missed the whole "Wardrobe Malfunction" that occurred. More people are talking about the Golden Glory fighters being let go by Zuffa then the card itself, now there's definitely some juicy politics involved in that one. I could put on my conspiracy theory hat but then you would have to read 3 whole pages of crap to what would amount to "I have no fucking clue why this is happening".

Fedor being let go from Strikeforce is a big hit (for Fedor mainly). I know Fedor has ties to M-1 but unless M-1 actually promotes some big fights with big star fighters, it's basically "the Fedor League" and honestly the perception of American fans, is we don't even consider it a league, just Fedor's management. Maybe business wise it's smart for Fedor to stay with M-1 but for his fight career, it hurts it. It's one thing being beaten in a top league but what if Fedor fights a nobody and gets defeated? I personally don't want to see that, Fedor shouldn't be a stepping stone for up and comers, he earned the right to fight names just like Chuck Liddell earned the right to go out fighting top guys and not scrubs. It's a shame too cause everything was looking so promising after the Zuffa merger for Strikeforce but now they've lost 2 of their big name heavyweights and the female division (which according to Dana White doesn't have enough fighters) looses a top contender.... and what did Strikeforce gain from this? Keith Jardine..... well someone got shafted in this deal.

Obligatory source links
Fedor gets cut from Strikeforcce
Bas Rutten's thoughts on Golden Glory Vs Zuffa

Now for some OMMA stuff that happened over the weekend. Well I'm back at editing videos again, did a little promo for them

The cards I was involved in
Ultimate Combat 11 "To Hell and Back"
Bushido 32 "Silva vs Burns II"
Strikers' Challenge 9 "One Ring to Rule Them All"

My CAF Arnold did a little interview for "The voice vs." before he defended his belt, check it out here

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cooking with Booze

Back from the dead as it were, enjoy everyone. I actually tried making these..... didn't turn out so well for me (huge mess) but they were delicious.