Monday, May 9, 2011

Back and Feeling Great

I took it easy this weekend and tried not to think about the videos and it apparently worked. I feel rejuvenated and ready to start working on more videos in my free time. I just needed to play some games which is what I spent the weekend doing.

I'm playing EA MMA again which I kinda stopped playing since I was waiting for a patch and was getting the hang of making videos. The game is a little different thanks to the patch and the gameplay has improved making it closer to the actual sport, the only complaint I have about the patch is that it took away certain fighter stances and tattoos so people can't make custom Brock Lesnars or BJ Penns but since I like to use my own create a fighter rather then making a famous fighter, this doesn't bother me too much (but I was using BJ Penn's boxing stance which was awesome).

I've even joined a MMA CAF(create of fighter) fantasy/roleplay league called onlinemma. I've known one of the top fighters in it for a while and they seem like cool guys who are into MMA. They have fights every week in 2 different leagues (one for high level and one for medium level competition) and they broadcast the fights through on Fridays. I signed up for Fight Force which is the entry level league and I'm hoping to get a broadcast fight this Friday (if I do I'll post the fight on the blog, even if I loose). A good deal of the fighters in onlinemma have made it to EA's Live Broadcast so if anyone wanted to fight some of the guys like "2good2betru3" and "you mom taps" then this is the league for you.

So in short if you own EA MMA and you want to join a league that will give you good CAF(create a fighter) fantasy fights with pre-fights and post-fight interviews/analysis along with simulated pay and rankings then onlinemma is something you should look into.

Link to site = Online MMA

View the rules for signing up here

You can view past fights either in their forums

or go directly to the account

If you're still on the fence on whether to buy EA MMA on either the Xbox360 or PS3, well I recommend the game if you are an MMA fan and like multiplayer competition. The single player is rather dull after beating it once and UFC2010 is better as a SP game but EA MMA shines as a MP game with live broadcast, leaderboards, fight replays, fight cards, and belt matches. EA MMA's online modes are a ripoff of Street Fighter 4 but in a very good way cause there's hardly any lag and the fight cards feel like the old days when people would crowd around an arcade machine to watch 2 other people fight. I just wish there was a tourney mode online but you can't have everything. The game is only $20 now and it's worth getting new since you need an online code that comes with a new copy of the game to play online. So unless you want to play the SP, there's no reason to get it used cause you would end up paying $10 extra for the online code at the psn store or live store anyways. Apparently amazon has both versions on sale for around $12-$16, which is practically a steal


Well that's all for today's update, see you guys around on the xbox360 version of EA MMA.

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