Friday, June 17, 2011

Strikeforce GP and Status of Videos

Strikeforce is continuing it's grand prix on Saturday and I'm looking forward to watching Overeem and Barnett in action (they are my picks). It looks like a spectacular card with Noons vs Masvidal for the number one lightweight contender and Cormier vs Monson should be an interesting matchup (watch out for the subs Cormier). The prelims are being broadcasted on HDnet for those who want to see the full card(odds are it'll be on the TV channel of HDNET but who knows they might show some on the web).

I took a break from the internet this week which is why I've been absent in the forums I frequent and why I didn't update on Monday. I heard some terrible news on Monday which pretty much made me not think of MMA or videos and just appreciate my own life. One of my Dad's friends took his own life last weekend and it's a shocker cause he seemed to be doing well for himself but it is what it is. I didn't know him too well but it's still strange when someone you met does something like that. So I've been spending most of my free time with family and friends appreciating what's really important in life. I've requested time off next week so I'll have time to edit what I have and film what I need.

As for OMMA this weekend, I'm only participating on the Friday card since I'm spending the rest of the weekend with family(gonna watch the Strikeforce card with my Dad on Saturday and Sunny and I are having dinner with her mom on Sunday). Here are the fights I participated in last weekend.

Fight Force (Friday):
Lucius Graves vs Kevin Smith (LHW)
Michael Ortiz vs Ray Burns (MW Championship)

Bushido (Saturday):
Rick Bowman vs Arnold Schwarzenegger (HW)
Gonzo Miller vs Charlie Sheen (WW)

Ultimate Combat (Sunday):
Lavar Knight vs Ultimate Warrior (HW)
Desmond West vs Bert Castro (MW)

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