Monday, June 6, 2011

My OMMA Fights Last Weekend & Totally Forgot About "Fight for Japan"

Here are my fights in OMMA that I had over the weekend. I had a lot of fights so I'll just link to the videos in the forums rather then crowding up the blog with Justin.TV embeds.

Fight Force 22 "Cage Rage" (Friday)
Ray Burns vs Vic Stone (Middle Weight)
Harris Ahmadzai vs Jason Mewes (Lightweight)

Bushido 23 "Lethal Intent" (Saturday)
Jeremy Frost vs Charlie Sheen (Welterweight)

Ultimate Combat 4 "Extreme Conflict" (Sunday)
Ultimate Warrior vs Zhane Hamilton (Heavyweight)
Bert Castro vs Leaver Bates (Middleweight)

I also wrote a fake press release for some of my fighters

had their "Fight for Japan" event aired last Friday I believe (can't read Japanese so excuse me if the information is wrong). Luckily the DVR at my parent's place(can't afford it in my place) is more reliable then me at remembering these events then I am and recorded it. I won't do a video review of it since I'm currently putting together my video Review of the TUF finale that happened on Saturday, expect the video around Wednesday *fingers crossed*. I might do a written review but one thing is for sure, if you didn't see the "Yoshiro Maeda vs. Hideo Tokoro" fight last weekend, then you missed out on one of the best fights I've seen and it outshines any of the fights in the TUF finale.

Here's the DREAM Bantamweight tourney promo.

Hopefully HDNET will show reruns of Dream's "Fight for Japan" event for those who missed it.

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