Monday, June 27, 2011

Post Weekend update

I didn't update last Monday cause there was nothing to update with, I didn't fight last weekend(no show) and I didn't have anything new out.

Well at least I have some OMMA fights to post this Monday.

Fight Force:
Kevin Smith vs Pedro Palmer (LHW)
Ray Burns vs Mac Tucker (MW Championship)

Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Jamie Ranallo (HW)
Sylvester Stallone vs Roland Pavlinsky (LHW)
Charlie Sheen vs Regis Newton (WW)

Ultimate Combat
Solomon Noone vs Ultimate Warrior (HW)
Bert Castro vs Lucky Luciano (MW)

EA MMA also had their middle easy live broadcast a couple of weeks ago. I finally got some time to check it out and it was much better then the last one they did and it has an interview with Josh Barnett at the end of each video where Barnett talks about his favorite games (Fallout and Battlefield) as well as what's it like being in games like "No More Heroes" and "katamari damashi"

EA MMA's Live Broadcast part 1
EA MMA's Live Broadcast part 2

Now if you'll excuse me I have to fight my 2 worst enemies, scheduling and deadlines.

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