Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Lenne Hardt in UFC 3

Normally I don't re-post news articles but this pisses me off so much.

Middle Easy reports that Lenne Hardt will not be in the new UFC 3 game that features Pride FC

Lenne Hardt had this to say

"I just heard they have someone that is attempting to sound like me
No greater form of flattery than imitation, they say! Feel free to protest this infringement on my trademark style if you wish!!!!"

Damn straight Ms Hardt, I'm not buying this new until THQ gives a shit about MMA. I'll buy it used. I'd rather give my money to Gamestop and that's saying something cause I really hate buying used games cause they screw over the developer but in this case I'm for it.

I've had it with the treatment THQ has done with the UFC/Pride FC license. They don't pay the fighters in the games for their likenesses. They don't put any money into the sport by sponsoring events or fighters. They always have the MMA game play second fiddle to whatever pro-wrestling game is coming out. They treat the MMA community on their forums like 6 year olds and censor any post that say anything negative about the game. It's just Bullshit.

Dana White said EA doesn't give a shit about MMA but actions speak louder then words. EA has put money into the sport and paid the fighters. Contracted the fighters for it's game, long before Dana White approached them. EA sponsored a Dream event for crying out loud I don't see THQ doing jack shit for the MMA community. The guys who make the "MMA Supremacy" game has signed fighters and paid them like Jens Pulver and even they sponsored an event like the "Titan Fighting Championships".

THQ doesn't give a shit about MMA!

**I'm filming today but this boils me up, don't be surprised if my video is a little more angry then normal**

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