Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another OMMA post

Yeah I know, this site is starting to be more about videogame MMA then about real MMA. I'll get back to work on articles and videos about MMA when I'm not so busy with other things. I really want to do something for the Fedor vs Hendo fight later this month whether it's just an article or I do a video of just the main event but with Summer comes more distractions, maybe during the winter months I'll be more active.

Either way here's the OMMA fights I was in last weekend.

Fight Force
Eli Leo vs Kevin Smith (LHW Championship)

Greg Crawford vs Charlie Sheen (WW Championship)

Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Warrior vs Eli Kang(HW)
Ricco Fernandez vs Bert Castro (MW)

EA had their live broadcast yesterday and it was a pretty good one since it was all CAFs and there was only 1 no show.

Stikforce 3.1 Scars and Stripes
Stikforce 3.2 Scars and Stripes

The stand out fights for me were

Doctor Knockout vs Smoke Em- DK showed patience and resilience in the first round when he was mounted. Most people who play this game knows that mount is a death sentence but DK kept in there and waited for Smoke Em to make a mistake which he eventually did. Smoke unlike NRG was trying to finish while in mount and when he had DK's back, he just couldn't do enough damage through DK's block and didn't have a sub to put the nail in the coffin. Don't know if Smoke rage quit at the end of round 2 but it looked like momentum was in DK's favor at the end of the 2nd round anyways, sucks cause I really wanted to see what would happen in round 3. Fight of the Night.

Doctor Agee vs q TaKe NOtEz p- This was a back and fourth slug fest ala Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo, good title fight, in fact I give this KO of the night.

Afrokiwi91 VS MMA Bless- This gets sub of the night. I've noticed more people using the boxer specialty and doing the kneebar sub and getting it. Bless seems to have built his guy as a boxer with subs since 89 subs means he's maxed out all his subs as a boxer. It'll be interesting to see if this isn't overpowered when it comes to leg subs cause if guys are getting the kneebar with 89 sub rating against guys with 95+ grapple defense, then it's overpowered and needs to be patched pronto cause why play as a Sambo fighter when a boxer seems to be better on the ground and can get leg subs with their 89 stat vs the sambo's 100 leg stat. I'm hoping it isn't overpowered and that Bless is just really good at the sub mini-game.

bladeflyer94 VS chinowales- This fight really confuses me cause I have no idea why it didn't' end in round 1. Many mistakes were made on the ground, for instance Chinowales could have uses a major transition in round 1 when he had Blade's stamina drained to achieve full mount but he didn't, he just stayed in half guard and pounded away doing minimal damage since Blade could just block and didn't have to worry about being KOed. In round 3 when Chino gets the slam and ends up in side control he could have majored to full mount postured up since having no stamina gives the other fighter a free pass. This means that either the 2 fighters made some kinda agreement not to go to the mount or they lack the knowledge of how the ground game works. I sure hope it's the latter cause I'm not very interested in watching scripted fights or special rules fight on the live broadcast, this is EA MMA not EA Pro Wrestling. I'll give the 2 the benefit of the doubt and just chalk it up to nerves or lag for the reason why the ground game wasn't used for a finish by Chinowales (screwed him in the end since he looses the decision).

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