Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UFC 125 review

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Notes on the video: I know the video is a way too long so I don't expect people to watch it all in one sitting. I'm going to re-evaluate my note taking and analysis to cut the show down in length so it's more watchable next time. This episode almost didn't upload and now I'm having trouble with the SD conversion but at least it's out there and better late then never. I'm going to try to get it to convert to flash so I can post it on here without having to link to my blip.tv account. If it fails I'll upload it in 2 parts tomorrow.

Update: I got the video to convert to flash player so I can post it on the blogspot itself. Sorry for any inconveniences and this is all still a learning process for me. On a side note I'm kinda amazed it has views already when it's only been up for a couple of hours and hasn't been converted to flash player, so it's nice to know people were waiting for this. I'll step up my game for you guys cause you deserve the best show I can make.

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