Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dynamite just couldn't come together

I've been trying to work on this all weekend and the beginning of this week but the video never comes out the way I want it to. It's way too long and some fights I don't keep the enthusiasm up like I normally do. I've decided to scrap dynamite and strikeforce challenger review since both weren't going where I wanted and instead of taking another video shoot for them I would simply focus my attention on the UFC fight for the troops 2 which I will be attending so keep an eye out for me in the audience. The problem with this show isn't finding things to do, but rather finding the time to do everything I want with it.

Speaking of Fight for the troops 2. If anyone feels they want to donate or bid on auction items for "Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund"



A lot of the items in the auction are pretty pricey but they do have an Xbox Elite with Kinect going for $500(at the time of this writing) which has an autographed UFC 2010 game. I personally don't like the UFC game but at least it's autographed and will be a collector's item.

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