Monday, January 10, 2011

UFC 125 and Dynamite!! are coming I swear.....

OK, I got way behind schedule due to real life issues but I'm working on the UFC 125 review right now and I'll have it done today and I'm aiming to have it uploaded by the end of the day (with rendering and uploading there is a chance it could drag on longer but it will be done). So check back tomorrow and it'll be up.

I will have the rest of the Dynamite!! review done by Wednesday.

As an added bonus/apology for taking so long I will be doing the Strikeforce Challenger's card that happened last weekend. It will be in a slightly different format then my normal shows. It will be a straight Vlog with little to no editing and no pictures aside from the promo poster. I'm also going to use it as a test bed for a new method of note taking as well as to see if I can do minor league fights like MXC or King of the Cage reviews. If I feel comfortable with it and it doesn't take up as much time, then I will do Vlog format reviews for other leagues but keep the picture format I use for the big 3 (Dream, Strikeforce, UFC). This will be done by Thursday.

It takes me about 20 hours to do a 1 hour review show due to editing/rendering/uploading/filming/research/transferring footage from the camera to the PC. I tend to watch the fights multiple times and make hand written notes which cramps my hand and I end up with multiple pages of notes (Average 2.5 pages per fight all hand written, so a 5 fight main card turns into 12.5 pages of notes). I don't have access to a computer in the same room when I watch the fights so I transcribe those notes to the PC later, I type over 120 words per minute so that isn't that bad. Truth be told, the handwritten note taking is the longest process cause I just got done with my notes on UFC 125 and it took 6 hours!!! The main reason my notes are extremely detailed is I can't watch the fights at my apartment so I can't do a quick recap of the fight if I forgot something and it's a 15 minute drive to my parents' house to check the DVR so I make sure I write everything down. Once I get a portable video recorder and hard drive I'll be able to watch the fights again at my apartment which means my notes won't need to include everything that happened and I'll have access to a PC while watching the fight which will cut down on this time consuming method I have now.

The show is only a couple months old and all this is a learning process for me but I am enjoying it and it's nice to know that people are watching these and enjoying them as well. I'm also learning more and more about the sport I love and it's the only sport I watch and follow (aside from K1 and some boxing). I want to thank all those that have watched me go through the birthing pains of the show and I hope to streamline my process of doing them so I can get them out faster and I can work on some other projects I have planned (mainly the Bloodsport review and MMA game reviews which I can't wait to get started on). After Thursday I'm going to order the equipment/software I need for those and finish writing the script for Bloodsport so I can work on it between MMA reviews.

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