Wednesday, June 6, 2012

EA MMA 2!!!

Yeah I know it's not exactly breaking news but I was so stoked to find out this was going to happen that I completely forgot to post it here.

Source: Middle Easy's take on EA MMA 2

 All I can say is thank the maker. Sitting around waiting for a THQ patch for UFC3 was taking forever and the realization that THQ made 3 MMA games and figured out a way to screw all of them up made the future of MMA games seem bleak. I thought we were back to the same routine that I saw many games in the late 90s and early 2000s go where the attitude with their games was "No patches, buy a half ass sequel instead".

 People can say what they want about EA MMA but I liked it. Considering EA didn't sell as many copies of EA MMA then THQ sold of UFC2010, it was amazing to see EA actually attempt to patch their game and support it for as long as they did (EA MMA was considered a flop in sales by many). I always thought if EA got one more chance they could come up with something close to perfect and now they finally have it. Now that EA has the UFC licenses, I'm hoping EA puts more money and effort into the sequel since they are guaranteed great sales. I mean look at THQ's UFC games, they have mediocre graphics and online functions out of an Xbox1 game yet those games sold well into the millions on both consoles, imagine what a good game will do with that license.

 I'm expecting big things here. EA MMA 2 should blow us away and borrow it's gameplay from everything that worked in UFC3, EA MMA1, and Fight Night:Champions. The online should be up to par with Super Street Fighter IV Arcade in terms of rankings, tournaments, replays, ect.. I want to see full effort made and EA flexing it's resources with animations and graphics. I want pride FC, strikerforce, UFC, Classic UFC rules. I want it all and I'm hoping EA delivers the best MMA game made to date.

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