Sunday, February 12, 2012

To Calm the wait for UFC Undisputed 3

If you're like me, then odds are the wait for UFC Undisputed 3 is driving you nuts. Here's some reviews to keep you busy from IGN and Gametrailers.



Keep in mind those reviews are mainly based on the single-player aspect of the game with out much focus on the Multi-player or exactly how the gameplay has changed, ai, matchmaking, ect. So I still don't know more then I did days ago, but at least I'm assured a solid single-player experience. There may also be a "release day patch" as well to update stats and bugfixes but that's just a rumor right now.

Here are forum topics to keep a look out for on the offical game forums that concern me about UFC3.

No simulation stamina in Ranked matches

No Punishment for Disconnecting

If you still want more UFC 3 footage, there's some users on youtube who have obtained the game early and have been kind enough to take the time and upload videos of the gameplay.


Career Play-through:

If by chance you're still bored after over 120 minutes of gameplay footage then um.... there's this show on the "History Channel" called "Full Metal Jousting".... I shit you not, the first episode is coming on tonight and the nerd in me is ready for a "Ultimate Fighter" rip off show with Jousting Knights.

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