Friday, February 10, 2012

No, I'm not Dead

Rather then come up with a big post explaining why I haven't updated in months or what's going on let's just say I didn't see any need or point in doing a MMA video show for the web once "Inside MMA" went live on Mondays and UFC got it's own post fight show. I kept watching MMA even though I lost interest in EA MMA (who can blame me with Battlefield 3, SWTOR, GOW3, and Skyrim).Now there's a new game on the horizon and I figure my best strength is Videogames, so I might as well do a review of UFC3 like I always wanted to.

First off it looks like THQ did get "the screaming lady" for pride in UFC3 so I don't have to boycott it like I originally planned. I've also been playing the demo on Ultimate AI/sim energy settings and I'm liking it. I have little to no doubt that the single player will be nice but the big question still remains as to how good the multiplayer will be (if it's laggy, ranking sucks, ect...). I have to wait till I get my hands on the full game to judge. I'm planing on splitting my review into 2 parts, 1 for singleplayer and the other for multiplayer but those won't be out for at least 2 weeks after the game comes out (giving me enough to time to play it rather then a half ass review).

The league I'm in is incorporating UFC3 into itself and we'll still working out how it's going to be done but check out OMMA's site for more details. I'll be signing up for more events as well (on both EA MMA and UFC3) so if you hate me and wanted to kick my ass in the game, now's the chance.

I'll try to write some articles here and there (MMA/action movie/videogame related stuff) while also doing videos of whatever comes to mind really. I'll try to look for stuff that combines all 3 of my interest like this silly commercial for Tera and if you want more straight forward MMA news then I recommend MiddleEasy since that's the site I frequent.

Side Note: looks like MiddleEasy does check their mailbox cause they ran a story on the Tera commercial and gave me cred, thanks Zeus.
Link to middleeasy article

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