Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wow! Lots of Drama Going On in MMA

I didn't catch the fight last weekend mainly cause I'm poor and have no interest in watching Rashad beat Tito. Kinda glad too cause I missed the whole "Wardrobe Malfunction" that occurred. More people are talking about the Golden Glory fighters being let go by Zuffa then the card itself, now there's definitely some juicy politics involved in that one. I could put on my conspiracy theory hat but then you would have to read 3 whole pages of crap to what would amount to "I have no fucking clue why this is happening".

Fedor being let go from Strikeforce is a big hit (for Fedor mainly). I know Fedor has ties to M-1 but unless M-1 actually promotes some big fights with big star fighters, it's basically "the Fedor League" and honestly the perception of American fans, is we don't even consider it a league, just Fedor's management. Maybe business wise it's smart for Fedor to stay with M-1 but for his fight career, it hurts it. It's one thing being beaten in a top league but what if Fedor fights a nobody and gets defeated? I personally don't want to see that, Fedor shouldn't be a stepping stone for up and comers, he earned the right to fight names just like Chuck Liddell earned the right to go out fighting top guys and not scrubs. It's a shame too cause everything was looking so promising after the Zuffa merger for Strikeforce but now they've lost 2 of their big name heavyweights and the female division (which according to Dana White doesn't have enough fighters) looses a top contender.... and what did Strikeforce gain from this? Keith Jardine..... well someone got shafted in this deal.

Obligatory source links
Fedor gets cut from Strikeforcce
Bas Rutten's thoughts on Golden Glory Vs Zuffa

Now for some OMMA stuff that happened over the weekend. Well I'm back at editing videos again, did a little promo for them

The cards I was involved in
Ultimate Combat 11 "To Hell and Back"
Bushido 32 "Silva vs Burns II"
Strikers' Challenge 9 "One Ring to Rule Them All"

My CAF Arnold did a little interview for "The voice vs." before he defended his belt, check it out here

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