Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fedor Vs Hendo Tonight

Well in case it somehow slipped your mind, two MMA legends are duking it out tonight in a terrific card. If you have showtime it's definitely a must watch, there were rumors this matchup was going to be PPV but thanks the powers that be it isn't.

Strikeforce Fedor Vs Hendo

FEDOR EMELIANENKO vs DAN HENDERSON - I believe this is going to be a catchweight fight since Dan Henderson doesn't have the Light Heavyweight belt on the line. The advantage to this fight goes to Fedor, for the first time in a long time he's actually the bigger man in the cage and he's younger. I would also argue that Fedor fought tougher guys in Strikeforce then Dan. That doesn't mean Dan should be counted out either, Dan has his super right hand and his greco-roman clinch game to fall back on. There are rumors that who ever loses this fight is going to be cut but I believe this fight is more do or die for Fedor then it is for Dan. If Fedor looses to Dan, then I can see Strikeforce cutting him or Fedor takes a big pay cut. I don't however see Dan getting cut even if he looses simply cause Dan is a bigger star in American MMA and can still bring in the crowds.

MARLOES COENEN vs MIESHA TATE - This will be Coenen's 2nd title defense and 3rd title fight overall but many feel that she was run over by Liz in her last fight and pulled a hail Mary submission so she's coming in as the underdog. Tate is a power wrestler and she's looking to do exactly what Liz did to Coenen but people forget, Coenen has now fought 2 power grapplers and submitted them, it's possible that Coenen is a submission machine off her back and the bane of every wrestler. If Coenen Submits Tate in this fight then there can be no doubt that she deserves the belt and no one should attempt to ground and pound her again for fear of the subs. If the fight is to remain standing, I think Coenen will be the better technical striker but Tate does have the ability to land one solid punch to end the fight. I know one thing though, if Tate get's full mount it's over, unlike Liz, I'm sure Tate can deliver some devastation from that position.

ROBBIE LAWLER vs TIM KENNEDY - Lawler is going to have to knock out Kennedy in the first minute of the round or else he's going to end up on his back for the rest of the fight. Kennedy has terrific takedowns and cardio, there's no quit in the man. Lawler on the other hand has shown that if you take him down and stay on top, he eventually gets frustrated and gives up. Souza showed this in his title fight with Lawler and Kennedy has better takedowns then Souza so unless Lawler shows a CroCop like takedown defense I don't see him winning this.

PAUL DALEY vs TYRON WOODLEY - Daley was once the number one contender in the UFC till Koscheck beat him and insulted every fiber of his being. Woodley is a Strikeforce:challengers superstar and if he wins this fight, a big name in the organization (he sorta is now but like Jon Jones, I'll believe the hype when fights a name). I think if Woodley takes down Daley, he's got this fight in the bag, in fact, I'm sure Woodley can easily take down Daley and dominate him on the ground. If Woodley wants to make a statement however, he could keep it standing and show off his striking game but I wouldn't risk it against Daley, the guy has power but it all goes away on the ground.

SCOTT SMITH vs TAREC SAFFIEDINE - This will be a huge test for Saffiedine cause to stop Smith, you need to knock him out cold, not rock him or daze him but make sure he falls limp to the canvas or else Smith's Critical hit factor along with his high luck stats will win the day. Granted Saffiedine could try to decision Smith but as history has shown, Smith is a wildcard fighter if there ever was one and you don't want to go the distance with someone like that. I see this as do or die for Smith, less he falls down to Strikeforce Challengers and this is Saffiedine's way out of Strikeforce Challengers. Both guys are fighting for the future of their careers, one wants to remain a named fighter and other is looking to establish his name.

I didn't post these last week cause I wanted to have a more substantial article for the blog then just another OMMA post but here's the fights I was in the last 2 weeks.

Bushido 29 "Invincible"
Bushido 30 "No Fear"

My Bushido CAFs
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sylvester Stallone
Ray Burns

Ultimate Combat:
Ultimate Combat 9"Capital Carnage"
Ultimate Combat 10"Supremacy"

My Ultimate Combat CAFs
Ultimate Warrior
Kevin Smith
Jason Mewes

Strikers Challenge:
Strikers Challenge 6 "Only the Strong Survive"
Strikers Challenge 7 "MegaFight"

My Striker's Challenge CAFs
Charlie Sheen
Bert Castro

For those who were keeping track of my guys and are wondering why they got shuffled around the leagues. Here's a press release explaining it

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