Tuesday, February 8, 2011

UFC126/ Strikeforce Diaz vs Cyborg

UFC 126

Strikeforce Diaz vs Cyborg

Notes: Yeah I had some bad allergies all week and decided to take a small break from the internet all last week to do stuff in the real world for a bit. I'm planning on going to the strikeforce challengers event on the 18th, so I might do a review/vlog for it like I did for the fight for the troops 2 card.


  1. Dude this shit takes forever to load. how the hell are we supposed to pay attention to your rants if the freaking keeps freezing.

  2. Yeah Blip TV is a pain sometimes depending on the length or quality of the video. I'm experimenting with codecs and other forms of compression since I just got my hands on Sony Vegas which kicks the shit out Windows movie maker.