Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Juice Affair

This was a special case since my friend Albert drove down from New Mexico on his Bike (which is a 12 hour drive). He's staying with me for a couple of days and wanted to make a video with me so I thought why not. I haven't seen him in over 4 years so I hope my MMA fans aren't too mad at me for pausing work on the UFC 128 video(it will come out I swear on Zeppelin).

Show Notes: The night before I handed Albert a juice and he was perplexed by it enough to warrant this video. He also wanted me to purposely miss-spell his name to Alberg but who am I to say, it's his name..... yeah I got some strange friends.

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  1. Hey buddy I'm enjoying the new format of your website. Keep up the good work! We should definitely do more of these in the future haha